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Award-winning executive producer/screenwriter/director Craig Richards of Dolphin Heart Productions has 40+ years in the L.A. film and television industry. He's a visionary storyteller with the experience to masterfully negotiate domestic and partner projects from pre-production through post and marketing.

Our brief articles Filmmaking Overview and Film Crew Overview are often referenced by industry professionals as a guideline for the steps involved and the people who work together to make a film.

For some of our smaller-scale productions, check out our ever-expanding inventory of in-house production equipment.

Long considered an "actor's director," Craig is particularly adept at drawing out the best in all collaborators in the creative and technical aspects of the filmmaking process, delivering imaginative excellence within budget and time parameters. Some projects are referenced in IMDb. View our demo reel with sample clips or check out Craig's extensive résumé. Discover some of the many benefits of partnering with us. Contact us right away to determine our availability to partner with you on your project.
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Craig Richards' résumé
Craig Richards' résumé on iActor
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Recent and Upcoming Projects
'Infidel' written and produced by Leonard Law and Craig Richards
Infidel dramatic film (in post-production)
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Kanapi title treatment for feature-length thriller (posted Oct 18 2011)
This is the animated title production produced by Dolphin Heart Productions for the feature film "Kanapi" produced by Castaway Pictures.
'Kent State' a film by Craig Richards
Kent State feature-length historical drama (in development)
concept art for 'Hawaiian Vacation'
Craig Richards
Hawaiian Vacation feature-length comedy
Produced by Dolphin Heart Productions LLC
Clark Griswold is desperate to reconnect his family after six years of neglect while earning his degree, so he decides what they all need is the ultimate family vacation – a Hawaiian cruise. (see official website)
'End' film
End written and directed by Craig Richards
Produced by Dolphin Heart Productions.
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on the set of Extremely Used Cars
Extremely Used Cars: There Is No Hope feature-length dark comedy
Craig Richards directed this independent comedy feature. Three other films (one prequel and two sequels) are planned for this franchise. (see IMDb listing)
Lucky Star short film (comedy)
Hans Skjersaa's comedy short "Lucky Star" starring Craig Richards has earned the two top awards (Best Short Film and Audience Choice) in BendFilm's 1st Annual 72-Hour Shootout competition. "Lucky Star" will screen in October during the sixth annual BendFilm Festival in Bend, Oregon. (see IMDb listing)
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Open teaser for feature-length suspense/thriller: 30 seconds (posted Feb 6 2009)
This is the first 30-second teaser for the feature film "Open" currently in development by Dolphin Heart Productions.
'One Destiny' television commercial
One Destiny award-winning television commercial
Produced for Film Oregon Alliance by Dolphin Heart Productions in association with Far From Earth Films and Captskipper Productions, Craig Richards wrote and directed this impactful award-winning 30-second commercial which featured Marzell Sampson and Annie Holdrich.
Options comedy short (release scheduled September 2009)
Produced by Captskipper Productions in association with Dolphin Heart Productions, Craig Richards performs post-production services including editing, titles and color-correction on this short film directed by Skip Clark.

'Taking Flight' documentary
Taking Flight: The Making of Wings of Faith (documentary)
A behind-the-scenes documentary chronicling the making of the independent dramatic film Wings of Faith for inclusion in the Bonus Materials on the DVD distribution of the film. Produced and directed by Craig Richards of Dolphin Heart Productions.

Decades of Success

For 40+ years, award-winning executive producer/screenwriter/director/actor Craig Richards has excelled at creative storytelling through film and television. Specializing in drama, comedy, suspense and action, Craig Richards is highly regarded as an "actor's director" who, through unflagging commitment, confident leadership and technical expertise, encourages optimal performances from all collaborators to the filmmaking process. Extremely knowledgeable in the relevant crafts including storyboarding, HD workflow, lighting, choreographing multiple elements, visual effects, digital post-production, titling and marketing processes. A summary of our clients and associates over the years have included:
Warner Bros.
Paramount Pictures
Universal Pictures
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
John Dykstra/Apogee Productions
Scott Mednick & Associates
Find local DJs, Photographers, and Videographers at
Seiniger Advertising
Image Entertainment
The Art Store
many more...
also listed on
Craig Richards on Voice123

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